Lalbaugchi Rani

Lalbaugchi Rani

Lalbaugchi Rani Based on a special girls 'Lalbaugchi Rani' is a film discussion started around now. This' lalabagaci lady who is curious about this. 'Queen of Lalbaugchi. Hindi and Marathi renowned cinematographer and talented director Lakshman Utekar "This movie is displayed soon. The story of the harp Jamkar Utekar incident happened on a major role arrived in their eyes.

The Hindi superstar Shah Rukh Khan's Don 2 started shooting at the Lalbaugh. It was very crowded  during Ganesh Chaturthi. Utekar looked inside and found a very depressed couple. They had a girls photo in their hands. Utekar greated them  and asked the reason for their depression. They said the girl in the photo is lost in the crowd. Utekar felt very bad about this and they both had gone ahead to find her.

They girls parent left but Utekar 'was constantly thinking' about the girl. She is the daughter of her parents? Is she safe? These thoughts made him troubled. After several month he did not hear about the girl or from her parent. But Utekar decided to create a film for emotional ones. If this condition is common for parents of such children with mental condition then what can be done? This affecting story had touched a social Laxman Utekar.

The formation of Hindi hit film 'meda' entertainment 'is produced by Sunil Manchanda banner film. The Bollywood producer Boney Kapoor is the film producer. Veena Jamakarasaha, Ashok Shinde, Prathamesh Parab, Partha BHALERAO, Neha Joshi, Nandita axis, Reshma Powered, Subrata Dutta, Jayant Wadkar, Pratima Joshi have acted in this film.

This 'Lalbaugchi Rani' is coming down to meet the audiences on 3 June.

Movie :  Lalbaugchi Rani
Producer : Boney Kapoor, Sunilmanchanda
Directer : Laxman Utekar
Star Cast : Veena Jamkar, Prathamesh Parab, Neha Joshi, Parth Bhalerao, Ashok Shinde
Story : Rohan Ghuge
Music : Rohit Nagbhide
DOP : Lawrence D’Cunha
Editor : Dev Rao Jadhav
Production Design : Subrata Chakrabotry & Amit Ray
Sound Design : Nihar Ranjan Samal
Executive Producer : Anant Bhuwad