Birth day special Childhood affair and marriage Line life

Birth day special Childhood affair and marriage Line life

Bhanurekha Ganesan, Bollywood's longtime actress Rekha has made her debut today at 63 years of age. In the Bollywood career, the name of the line is among the most talked about actresses due to personal life.

There was always talking of Big B Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha's affair. In 1990, Rekha married industrialist Mukesh Agarwal. But within a year of marriage, Mukesh Agarwal succumbed to suicide.

The line was also talked about marrying actor Vinod Mehra. However, Rakh gave a full stop to the discussion by denouncing these stories. The line was always discussed in spite of the vermilion after the death of her husband.

The father's funeral did not make a mark

Rekha is the daughter of southern superstar Gemini Ganshan and Telugu actress Pushpavalli. When Line was born Gemini Ganesan and Pushpawali were said to have never been married. The childhood of the line is conflicts. Because Gemini Ganesan never cared about the line, or even gave his name to him.

Gemini Ganesan married four. But the line's mother is never married to Pushpavalli. Rakha's father hated so much that she did not even attend the funeral.

Dreams of Bollywood

Rekha has given justice to many roles in Bollywood career. The financial situation led to Rekha's work in Telugu and B class films of Telugu. But in the last 50 years, the dream of a line remains incomplete. It was a dream to work with veteran actor Dilip Kumar.